Happiness & Positivity

Means “being happy, positive, joyful, not giving up, having fun, being yourself, working together.”

Looks like “people helping one another, sharing, smiling, playing/working together and having fun.”

Sounds like “laughter and jokes.”

Feels like “soft inside your heart, fun, warm and fuzzy, good and great.”


Means “thinking up your own ideas, doing things in a different way, trying new things.” 

Looks like “putting a lot of effort into something, looks different and cool.”

Sounds like “‘people saying things differently’ and ‘creative ideas.’”

Feels like “when you are creative everything is in the palm of your hand, you can do anything, different and interesting.”



Means “caring for others.”

Looks like “helping each other and letting people join in games.”

Sounds like “are you okay?”

Feels like “being treated well.”



Means “not making big things out of little things, having the grit to do it, not giving up, holding it together when bad things happen.”

Looks like “someone not giving up in a test, staying on task even when you find it hard.”

Sounds like “‘put it in a bubble and blow it away’, ‘I’m not going to give up’ and ‘you can do it.’”

Feels like “determined, good, strong and happy.”



Means “wanting to know something, investigating, taking risks.”

Looks like “creating your own ideas.”

Sounds like “questions.”

Feels like “exciting, desperate to know.”