Beautiful Rain Writing


Dripping, dropping, left alone

Rippling, rumbling


Purple and blue

Rustling, roar


Someone making

Holes in the puddles.


Racing down like its on a race track.

Dripping in the clouds.

Dancing footprints in the


Waving at me.

Fresh smelling flower cracking on my tongue.


By Sienna Hooper


I watch the rain dripping out

Of the clouds.

The rain streaming

Down from the sky


Splashing on the roofs on the


By Tom Cleland


The endless dripping

From Poles.

Inhale the wild untamed


And feel true


The mist

Soothing all


And draping the world

Like a Peaceful Blanket.

Drops growing

Into Puddles.

Puddles grow to


Ponds meet each other and

Become Raging Rivers.

By Finn Gentry



When it hits the

Ground it


But when it makes puddles

It is the awesome.

The puddles can be

Big or small.

When it hits the puddles

It ripples

And stretches and stretches

Like slime.

The ground is wet now.

The tumbling rain

Like a tumble drier.

By Jody Sawyer


The Moving Mirrors

On the concrete

Dancing droplets of

Waving water

Escaping through grey, thick clouds.

Gracefully falls on the


Bungy jumping

From the sky.

Pools of parting water

The wild wind waves in

The air flying through the sky

Tumbling rain.

By Maddy Mathieson


It is flooding and spitting

It looks like a black carpet.

A pool of water

It is dripping

The rain looks peaceful

Like water on people’s jackets

A drop or puddle.

Its tastes like ordinary water.

By Jagger Lissette





As the rain falls.

When the rain drops it is like

The River is afraid.

Puddles forming by themselves.

Rain starts getting heavier and heavier.

Puddles shining.

Teensy, tiny.

Dots falling.

Wind pushing you side to side.

Multiple drops falling.

Cloud turning grey.

By Sophie Cummins



If I were you I would

Pour buckets of rain down on the children.

And when the teachers came

I would dry them

And make the sun come out.

And when people were sad

About the rain

I would stop.

By Eloise Mathewson


The Rain

Roaring, rumbling, and rippling.

And the wind, waving, whistling and wildly


The leaves’ branches

Lifting themselves up

Across the ride of wonder.

The puddles swirl together

As if they were partners.

The dancing and fluttering branches wave together

And hold hands as they do their ballet.

By Gracie Pitcher



Rattles down

Smelling so


And so clean.

It tastes like water from a tap.

It feels like water

In a lake.

By Jessica Sawyer



Making miniature pools for ants

Making a peaceful

But silent sound.

Dancing in the sky

Like Ballerinas.

Making a wall of invisible droplets


By Petra Gloag

Learning About Rainbows

Today in Room 3 we learnt about how Rainbows are made and tested out a few different experiments to make our own rainbows with mirrors, water and also using prisms to bend the light. We also 'bent' straws through water in a glass. Later, we made our own rainbow spinners, which, when spun, showed how the colours of the rainbow, blended together in a fast spin, create white.

Regenerating the river bank at Baring Head

Yesterday a group of Year 3-6 students and some wonderful parent and staff helpers went along to remote Baring Head to regenerate the river bank by planting trees with the Wellington Regional Council, the Ranger and Mountains to the Sea. Thanks to all our helpers and thanks to the students who did a marvellous job! We were very tired afterwards but it was rewarding and great to help out.

Free choice writing in the sun

This week, we had a wee treat with beautiful weather so we chose to sit outside and practice our descriptive writing with free choice of topic. All the students enjoyed sitting out in our lovely playground and being inspired by the world around them!


This week in our Weather Inquiry we looked into the different kinds of clouds we have and recapped how they are made. We went on a cloud hunt outside after learning the names of the three basic kinds of clouds and spotted them outside, before making our own clouds inside. They are displayed in the classroom.


Building Penguin Boxes with Stan

On Friday Year 4-6 had a great time problem-solving and building penguin boxes in the hall with Stan. Children were split into groups and had to work together to determine which parts of the boxes had to go where and join to which - they worked so hard and did so well. We were very impressed with their building skills and their team work skills. Stan had made us some delicious pumpkin soup which warmed us all up and was a welcome treat before morning tea.

Peace Week - Paper Cranes

On Friday Year 4-6 students learnt how to make paper cranes for peace! It was no easy task and expended a lot of brain power and required great patience and listening skills. We got there in the end, but felt our paper was a little hard to fold. Many students have gone home since and been inspired to create more paper cranes! The students also create peace lanterns (traditionally used to commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki) with their own wishes and prayers for peace on them. These have been hung up in our classroom.


We have been thoroughly enjoying our skipping fitness sessions in the morning. Skipping is such a great all round fitness and coordination activity. It is awesome to see children skipping at intervals and lunchtimes as a result and the varieties of skipping being enjoyed by all. Even Jerrina had a go!