Celebrating our Lady of Guadalupe

This week Room 3 looked into another Celebration from Around the World. We learnt about the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe - a Mexican celebration that occurs at this time of the year. It is extremely popular in Catholic Mexico, and tells the story of a man who received a visit from Mother Mary, who asked him to get the Bishop to build her a basilica on Tepyar Hill. Mary performed many miracles, including presenting roses from a barren landscape, before the Bishop would believe the man, and finally the Basilica was built. The students learnt about how people dress in Tilmas or cloaks with the image of Mary and roses, eat traditional sweets (we made some of these), and make altars to Mary at home and pray to these. We made traditional cakes, our own Tilmas and said traditional prayers to Mary around our own altar in the classroom, before dancing to traditional Mexican Mariachi music which is played during this celebration.