Literacy and Arts Fusion

On Friday Clare and I joined classes for a Literacy and Arts Fusion. We started the day by share and buddy reading The Night Life of Trees - a beautiful book based on the tree legends of the Indian Gond tribe, with Indian art work inside. The students began to envisage their own tree, what it would look like, move like, and what would live in it and they doodled this with graphite. After this, we listened to some tree poetry and thought about words and phrases that describes our tree, before writing our own poetry around our tree graphite draft. We then sketched and inked penned our trees on paper and decorated this with Indian ink and a blowing and bubbling technique. Those who were finished, went on to a pottery session with Clare, fashioning a creature that would live in their tree. Here are some of their beautiful poems and I will post some of their finished artwork soon.

Waving in the Wind

Birds and Creatures are living in the tree

They whistle in the wind

The tree banging on its branches.

By Ava


Waving in the singing


Windy tail

Likes it's shaky.

By Tom M


Dancing and blowing

Floating, swinging, swishing

Flings and blings

Slipping slime

Squishing in the wind

Waving tree

Singing leaves leaping around.

By Ariana


Spikes to poke predators

The tree loves people

It pushes love hearts towards

Every single person

The main heart lives underground

And makes the other hearts

Love people

And the Spirals make predators dizzy.

By Kieran


The tree of death

Reaches out with its whip arms and hands

The electric whips on each branch.

But the whips are not real

They are snakes.

They reach out and grab people with their

Electric tongues.

By Jody 


Waving around

Patterns mixing

Flowers and apples mixing together on the branches

Spikes winding up the branch.

By Tamsin





Swirling through the night sky


Spreading its branches like wings

It floats like a rushing river

Like a worm.

By Sophie



Tree of Darkness

Everything that sleeps by it

Will get turned into a nightmare

Grrrrr, wild

The creature sleeps

It snatches it so hard

The animal wakes up as

A Nightmare

It swoops over the wood

And finds a new tree.

By Jessica S


It smells like

Fresh peaches

Snakes skin everywhere

Swishy Swishy

Reaching out for a morning hug

Swashing in the wind.

By Leo



The Peace Tree

It smells like

Snow White cream.

It feels like crispy old chips

The sweet smelling Rose

Flutters in the wind

The flutterful dove

Looks for a mango

The tree’s branches dance and whisper in the air.

The Mango hangs and its juice sprinkles.


By Gracie Pitcher.



Armadillo Tree

Fingers gnarled and


Unstable looking

Yet infinitely strong

Limbs like tongues of flame

Twisting, turning, swaying.

Overlapping bark

Like and armadillo’s


By Finn Gentry.



Its branches are waving

Waves in Te Whiti’s trees

Covered in pretty flowers

Moana houses

People weaving flax.

By Sophia


Waving and tossing

In the Wind

The leaves tossing and turning

In the Wind

As it sweeps through my thick, sleek


By Elo


Dancing in the Wind


It feels happy



There are squirrels living amongst its branches


Pink, purple and yellow

As the sun reflects on a leaf

Slowly flowing

It crackles in the Wind.

By Maddy.



Stretching its long, sharp fingers

The bright sky

Smells like Pine

Howling and crackling through the night.

By Jessica E


Flailing in the wind

Bugs crawl

Among the gnarled and twisted roots

Dominating the world

A chance of life.



By Angus