Social Justice Week

To celebrate Social Justice Week, the students years 3-6 exercised cooperative group skills to practice 'neighbourly behaviour' and 'develop a sense of belonging' whilst completing a group colouring-in project (featuring drawings of social and anti-social behaviours). Along the way, I was listening out for great group work skills and kind words, and we also took time to identify social and anti-social behaviours in the picture.

After this, we completed a 'Neighbourly Survey' to discover how neighbourly we were and what the sense of belonging is like in our own neighbourhood. In Eastbourne and Wainui it seems the sense of neighbourhood is quite developed, however, unfortunately for myself, not so in Petone!

To finish, we watched and analysed a Caritas video on Welcoming Refugees, featuring the volunteers and the acts of kindness completed by the Catholic church and The Red Cross to welcome new refugees.