Inquiry Focus on Celebrations : Diwali

This week we kicked off our Inquiry Focus on Celebrations around the world. We focused on Diwali this week - the festival of light and triumph of good over evil. We learnt about what Diwali is all about and discovered the story of Rama and Sita - one of the legends of Diwali. We then proceeded with a bunch of discovery activities to dip our toes into Diwali. We made a healthy Diwali traditional sweet called Lahdoo and paper flowers for a flower garland. We also made Rangoli outside using chalk to welcome our visitors as well as creating some for the wall. The students then turned to clay and made Diva lamps, decorating them with lots of colour and sparkles. We finished our Diwali discovery by celebrating with some traditional Indian music, dressing up in a Sari, lighting our Diva lamps and eating our Lahdoo. Namaste! Happy Diwali!